Felting with alpaca yarn can be an extremely rewarding project. It’s easy and quick to do and requires very little supplies. The felt is incredibly soft, lighter than wool and has better insulating properties than sheeps’ wool. alpaca felt is ideal for people,especially children who are allergic to wool. In fact most people won’t be allergic to alpaca and children with their delicate and sensitive skin are less likely to break out into a rash from alpaca than wool.

How to felt

WET FELTING is a process of washing and agitating the fleece to create a unique soft feel.  This type of felting works great for making purses, bags, hats, slippers, socks, sweaters and shawls. There are patterns available in magazines for unique furnishings such as cushions, and storage containers, felted flowers to add to garments, also patterns for toys.  These magazines are available at all good wool stores.

The felted item is first made by knitting or crocheting.  It is made larger than the end product design.  The piece is then washed with warm soapy water and lots of agiation.  A metal item may be used to agitate the item.

After washing and agitating the piece it is rolled into a towel to take the majority of the moisture out.  It is then laid out flat to dry. It can be blocked and shaped at this time.

It is possible to wash/agitate your felting project in the washing machine on a gentle cycle. Be very careful in doing this as there may be more shrinkage than you want.

Repeat the washing and agitation until the desired amount of felting is reached.  During the process of felting the fibers are pulled closely together to create a solid feeling or look. No backing fabric is required.

Felt project ideas

Felting Alpaca yarn is fun.  Many items can be felted, there is no limit to what you can create when you become familiar with the process of felting. Here’s a few ideas for your next felt project.

Seamless slippers and/or baby booties, there are lots of pattern books available at your wool store that will teach you how to make a template for seamless slippers.  Add unique decorations such as felted flowers to complete the slipper.  Baby booties can be made in the same way.

Felt Hats, are very popular, you can purchase hat shapers to mold the felt hat.  Felt a lightweight scarf to match your hat.  

Felted Toys are also popular, make cuddly teddy bears or other stuffed toys, patterns for knitted and crotched toys are readily available, add a new dimension to your hand crafted toys by felting them for the precious children in your life, or make and sell them at local craft markets.